The premier proper postpandemic* Dizzy Daze was marked by moderate weather, a lack of major incident, and general mirth throughout the field.

Standout performances in the half-day run came from Trisha Steidl, who broke the women’s course record with 23 laps in 11:55:04, and Saulius Braciulis, who ran 22 laps in 11:51:22 after arriving on a scooter.  (He had started out by running to the start before running across the scooter.)  In the 5-hour Ray Sharp squeaked in 11 loops with a minute and nine seconds’ margin for error, and Hannah Meredith ran a solid 9 loops in 4:25:57.  At least five dogs ran in the race, and they all win.

Full Results

*2022 still felt weird.

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