After spending two years dead for tax reasons (and because we didn’t anyone to get cooties), Dizzy Daze returned to Greenlake.  The weather coöperated, the crows successfully raided our potato chips, and for a brief time all was right with the world.

Ibrahim Ismail made his ultramarathon debut, running it like Big’s Backyard Ultra, and breaking the course record of 23 laps in 11:45:09.  Karol Loaiza got 18 laps in 11:50:14 to win the women’s 12-hour race.  Paul Young showed up late but won the five hour with 12 laps in 4:54:59, and Anna McCully won the women’s 5-hour with eight laps in 4:45:51.

Detailed results, including laps, are at Chronokeep.


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