All the pain and suffering of an ultra, without the annoying change in scenery!

Dizzy Daze 12-hour and 5-hour endurance runs

March 14, 2020 is the date.  7 a.m. is the time.  Greenlake is the place.

Dizzy Daze is held at the lovely and frequently rainy Green Lake Park in Seattle, Washington.  Runners will travel anti-clockwise around the circumference on the outer groomed dirt path around the lake.  (No diameters!)  Each loop measures the  Indiana value of Pi (3.2) miles and the goal is to run as many loops as you can manage during the 12 (or five) hours.  Whoever runs the most laps before the finish (Noon for the 5-hour and 7 p.m. for the 12-hour) wins!  Well, everyone wins, but that person wins the most.


  • There will be one fully stocked aid station with all the usual ultra-kibble: water, gels, sports drink, electrolyte caps, a selection of sweet and salty snacks and hot foods resembling pizza, soup, and yummy pie.
  • There will be an area for drop bags near the start/finish.
  • Runners must display their bibs visibly on the front and must pass through the timing area every lap. Our timing “chips” are human, so treat them nicely and make sure they see your number.
  • If you leave early, make sure to let the timers know.  We don’t want to dredge the lake looking for you if you’re home.
  • Pacers and other non-racers must stay out of the timing area and aid station so that racers can, you know…  Race.
  • Four-legged bandits must be leashed so that their owners do not wander.
  • No booze.  Sorry, but our permit doesn’t allow it.  We will likely head to St. Andrew’s Pub afterward, though.
  • The park is open to other traffic.  Avoid it.  They have a right to be there too.
  • In summary:  Play nice and have fun!

More info and a map to the start under Where and When

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