2022 is the new 2021, which was supposed to be the new 2020. (Sigh…)

Udate as of 1/24/2022:

Okay, let’s do this thing.  For the past two years we’ve been laboring under the misapprehension that we just can’t have nice things anymore.  First there was this pandemic, of which we’re in the fourth wave now.  Then there were lots of folks who took up residence on the outer loop of Greenlake, which was problematic.  Also, I broke the contact form and lost the two-factor authentication token to get into our website.  But now I found the login, the Omicron curves are trending the right direction, and the campers have moved uphill to Woodland Park, so we’re fresh out of excuses not to run this race.  So I just put in for our permit, and unfortunately I think we’ll get it.  (Drat!)

So get training.  Anyone who was signed up two years ago and didn’t hit us up for a plague year refund has a free entry waiting for them.  Or they can roll it over to 2023, because why do this year what you can put off for another?  Emails will go out to all of those folks when I can sort out the list.  Then registration will go up when I can remember how the heck I did that last time.  Probably on Ultrasignup.

– Loopy Loops, a.k.a. Matt, a rusty Race Director.

Background reading (as of 1/22/2021):

We hold the distinction of being one of the very first events canceled in 2020 for Coronavirus, as Seattle locked down everything Thursday night before our event, and now it looks like we’re going to have to endure a second year of waiting.

First a look on the bright side.  We have vaccines, and we are beginning to see a decrease in the number of cases after the holiday surge, which we hope presages increased hospital capacity and lower death rates.  But on the other hand, we are seeing increased prevalence of genetic variations of the virus that are more contagious, so we need to be cautious.

We know some races have returned, adhering to the state’s guidance for outdoor recreation, and this is great.  Small races held on courses where people can spread out pose little risk, so we’re thrilled to see these come back.

But unfortunately for us the aspects that make Dizzy Daze special are also the ones that mean we won’t be able to hold it again this March.

Seattle Parks has been allowing runs to happen, although they are VERY small. They have been allowing runs that allow 5 people every 10 minutes at the start line. Everyone has to wait in their cars if they are not up. The 5 people includes any race staff/volunteers. Everyone has to wear a mask at all times.

The problem of course is that holding a 12-hour race around Seattle’s most popular recreational trail (even the less-traveled outer loop) for the 100+ registered entrants means there will inevitably be too many people in one place at one time to fully comply with the spirit and letter of the regulations.  As people who care about the community, we just can’t take that risk.  (We also don’t want to stand around getting yelled at by our neighbors for holding a public gathering in a pandemic.)

We asked about having a “go on your own” option, where we would give a week window and you could come out anytime and self-report your time, but the Parks Department was rightly worried that this might still include too many spontaneous groups of people.

So we have asked Seattle Parks to reschedule us for next year.  If you were registered for 2020 and rolled over to 2021, then we will roll you over to 2022.  If like many of us you have been hit hard financially by the pandemic let us know and we will send a refund of 70%.

If you do go out on your own and run some laps around Greenlake, be sure to wear a mask, and please know we wish we were out there with you.  If you do your own “virtual run” on your own, let us know and we’ll cheer you on.  Most of all, stay healthy and safe.

And with all due apologies to the fellow who started this race on his sobriety birthday, we’re buying the first round after the 2022 race.

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